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Tire Water Tanks

Recycled agriculture/otr tires make great livestock water tanks because rubber is a natural insulator making tires absorb heat in the winter months, which make them freeze resistant even in extremely cold temperatures. Which in summer months they do the opposite and keep the water inside a lot cooler than a metal tank. Tire water tanks are great alternatives to metal tanks also for the reason being they're large enough livestock cannot move or damage them, they do not rot out over time like traditional livestock tanks. Tire tanks come with sidewall removed and ready to fill with concrete, They're offered in several different sizes. All of our tanks are brand new tires not old used tires with exposed wire that can hurt livestock and are also chemical free, we offer the best prices around for tire water tanks guaranteed!

5' diameter and smaller tire tanks $100 each

5.5' diameter x 30" deep $140 each

6' diameter x 30" deep $150 each

6'6" diameter x 30" deep $200 each

7' diameter x 30" deep $300 each

8' diameter and larger $400 each

Need delivery? we offer delivery call for details substantially less than a third party will do the job for!

Call for trailer load pricing! |  1520 E. Pence Road  |  Cameron, MO 64429
    816-632-5006  |

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