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Chicken Brooder

What is the most important part in starting to raise baby chicks? Perfect brooder temperature control and with using tires its the largest, cheapest and easiest way to maintain temperatures due to tires being such good insulators. Brooder tires can be as large as 6' diameter and 24" deep to raise up to 100 baby chicks in one tire! tire shown on this page is only 2' diameter and 22" deep and housed 24 baby chicks with ease. When the chicks start trying to fly you simply put 4 screws of any sort into the tire on the edges and stretch chicken wire across the tire and problem is solved until chicks are ready to be moved to coop. 

Chicken Brooders $20 each |  1520 E. Pence Road  |  Cameron, MO 64429
    816-632-5006  |

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