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Livestock Rubber Mats

Livestock trailer flooring is very important to animals being transported especially over a long distance our rubber anti fatigue livestock mats are custom made to fit any size livestock trailer you have. These mats also help protect the wood flooring in the trailer, our anti fatigue mats make it so animals no longer shift weight back and fourth from sliding and moving around because they can grip on the rubber mats so well. These same mats are ideal for using in stalls where animals will be spending a lot of time standing up in a small area. Also don't forget when unloading animals have a couple extra mats as wide as the trailer as a landing pad for the livestock coming out of the trailer. We build these anti fatigue mats to fit any task at hand so you can protect your invest in your livestock herds these mats are ideal in chutes and alleyways also. 

Livestock mats purchased indivudally 

  • 15.5' long x 30" wide livestock mats $100 each
  • 19' long x 32" wide livestock mats $150 each

livestock trailer floor pricing custom cut and installed

  • 16' trailers with external fenders $1,000
  • 16' trailers with internal fenders $1,250
  • 17-20' trailers with external fenders $1,400
  • 17-20' trailers with internal fenders $1,650
  • 21'-32' trailers with external fenders $2,000
  • 21'-32' trailers with interal fenders $2,250

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