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Rubber Mulch

Our Rubber mulch is the smartest and safest choice for all your landscape and play areas, Rubber mulch can be used anywhere typical wood mulch is used. Rubber mulch has endless benefits compared to wood mulch by allowing 99% of rain and water to pass directly into the soil underneath without being absorbed into the mulch itself like standard wood mulch. Rubber is denser than wood and stays in place without blowing around and virtually eliminates weeds so there is no need for strong weed killing products in areas children or animals will be around which in the long run means healthier plants.

Why cut so many trees for wood mulch that we have to replace yearly? when we have so many scrap tires in the United States that once you put it down doesn't need to be replaced for at least 10 years and doesn't grow mold, mildew, and fungus that traditional wood mulch produces. Also rubber mulch doesn't attract termites and other insects that wood does.

At Rubber innovations our rubber mulch is made 100% in the USA and designed to look like traditional wood mulch! 

THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE |  1520 E. Pence Road  |  Cameron, MO 64429
    816-632-5006  |

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