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Tire Feeders

Recycled tractor tires make exceptional livestock feeders for the reason being they're heavier than traditional metal hay feeders or silage feeders and don't rot out after a couple of years. Typically hold a lot more silage than traditional livestock feeders depending on size of tire, feeders are offered in 2'-7' diameter and vary in widths between 12" and 25" Deep. Water tanks can also be used for feeding whole round bales the difference in a water tank compared to a tire feeder is they range 30" deep up to 44" deep. All of our tires are brand new and do not have wire showing that can hurt livestock, tire feeders come with one sidewall removed.

5' diameter and smaller tire feeders $25 each

6'-6.5' diameter x 18" deep $30 each

6' diameter x 20-24" deep $40 each

6.5' diameter x 20-24" deep $50 each

7' diameter x 24" deep $80 each 

Tire shown in picture is 6' diameter 18" deep can hold 500 lbs per tire and can run 12 head per tire.

Tire feeders also make excellent raised gardens and sandboxes for children!

Need delivery? we offer delivery call for details substantially less than a third party will do the job for! |  1520 E. Pence Road  |  Cameron, MO 64429
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