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Tire Treads



Tire Treads make great dock bumpers for boat docks and business loading docks, we've also had a lot of customers purchase for mounting to stairs because they rarely freeze even in extremely harsh winters due to the black rubber and any sunlight even in negative temperatures heats the rubber very easily, paired with rubber shoe soles it makes a near slip resistant stair. Tire treads have also been used for roadways throughout gardens in betweeen rows and makes it so no weeds can grow through the walkway and if its rained recently you can still access the garden without coming out a muddy mess.

Tire Treads come with 120 treads per bale and weigh 5,000lbs.

  • Bales of treads vary 9'-9.5' Long x 4' Wide x 2.5' Tall
  • Individual treads are 9'-9.5' Long x 9" Wide x .5" Thick |  1520 E. Pence Road  |  Cameron, MO 64429
    816-632-5006  |

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